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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  August 3, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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>> a new era for iran. president-elect is due to be pproved by the supreme leader. >> hello, with the world news here on al jazeera. also ahead a new travel alert for the united states and warning for citizens to be demafe much of the middle east and north africa. >> 100,000 people forced from their homes. we'll have an exclusive report. and -- >> apart frit being jay-z's new album. >> yes, and it's a rave.
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then no. >> is it something about apologies us is? >> well tell you about the magna carta what it has to do with democracy and why it's so important to one british city. >> set to be officially confirmed as the new president of iran in the next couple of hours. he will be formally endorsed begin the weight to be given days of events. mahmoud ahmadinejad left office after eight years in power and is promiseing a different approach the ahmadinejad. so what's next for new iranian president? he stayed economy is his first priority. he said they are suffering due the presidency of the
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foreman leader, mom din jodd. analysts say the actual figure the double what is reported. and will work to release political prisoners but is already facing opposition from hard-liners on that issue. he also wants social freedoms and women's rights. >> when's the ceremony expected to take place? and what's going to happen? >> well, we're only a couple hours away from the ceremony dwhray takes place this afternoon about 5:00 p.m. local time here. at the supreme leader's office which is near teheran so just couple hours away from being the new president. once he gets endorsement, it means he is the new president and mahmoud ahmadinejad will
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move out of his presidential office. that's what we're expecting, the official endorsement from the supreme leader, perhaps some comments from the supreme leader and some comments from the outdoingp. as you mentioned, he leaves behind a legacy, a very challenging legacy that they t new administration has now got face. the so the inauguration to be attended by a lot of foreign dignitaries as well. >> iran has a very complicated power structure how will errani accomplish his goals? >> thrrt. it's -- that's right, it's a very complicated structure. even the experts here. so he really has to be smart about who he has fixed. but he is not new to this chief
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nuclear negotiator. refs representative on iran's most abhorrent security body, the national security council as well so more than three decades or experience land need to used that to navigate hrough these holes of power. then the guardian council too so he will have to come one a sort of bipartisan strategy something like in the united states obama having to navigate through the democrats and republicans. so it's something similar near iran at the moment between hard-liners and those who support the push for a more reformed -- for more reform. >> live in teheran. >> at least nine people including children have been killed in a suicide attack in eastern afghanistan.
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it happened in gentleman lol bad during the ince lat consulate and fired at attackers after. 21 people have been injured. >> in fighting around the capital of damascus, showing rebels fireing a weapon mounted on top of a truck at forces. president ba shear has been trying to push rebel fighters out of the ski. al qaeda the state department will close 21 embassies and attacks would you say dominick cain reports. . at the summer travel season
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summer is the month where many travel on holiday. in a statementing, the state department said current information suggests al qaeda and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks both in the region and beyond. and that they may focus efforts to suffer attacks between now and the end of august. idea warning polls the under friday to close a lot of these and were taking this action out of an abundance of caution. analysts say it shows how serious the threat is. >> it's significant. we have not seen number of rememberty closures. there a -- it's collecting chatter. >> the u.s. government
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particularly concerned about the situation in yemen. this was the tpwheafed sanaa last year under attack by an angry mob and the british government has also decided to close the embassy on sunday despite a threat. that develops from ethifment they are ready much? if i were going to the middle east, yes. i would cancel my flight. knot afterday, middle east, no. i wouldn't do it. >> it's been more than a year since the attack of den ghazi out anaheim angels. in the aftermath of the didn't, so out an imminent attack by closing its ambassadors and
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warning its citizens the united states may hope to avoid any possible repeat of these scenes. tom nick cain, al jazeera. >> more diplomatic efforts to try to controversial political crisis in egypt. secretary of state william burns is in cairo. burns is due meet the interim foreign minister. it comes as the gofer calls on protesters to lead a protest not city. >> in the meantime amnesty international is looking at allegations protesters were beaten and stabbed by morsi supporters during depen tration. they were told eight bodies have been found with signs of torture. >> this update from cairo. >> there have been denying all along and saying they have been
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you had a lot of people, private media every day you canning about such allegations everybody shoots everything so it's very difficult to keep things wrapped in this country. at the moment. i think you will have those who are against the muslim brotherhood or let's say who don't support president morris i've will somehow feel satisfied they are not lying. they are looked upon with suspicion and people have been wondering if this was not just a propaganda war. anticipation maybe of a violent crackdown by the security forces. so i think this will set the record a bit. trade for some egyptians, the wider public that feels both sides of the story and still feels very confused. >> to be sold as quick as possible are these tickets. >> william burns is going to
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get an earful by those in power the and an earful from muslim brotherhood who acauses them at some point, i am going try to can't move over, but you also have saudi arabia. you also have the united arab emirates who are also fwiing their point of view and it seems to be appoint of international process so everyone can understand this needs to start as quickly as possible. >> dozens of people have been injured morocco afternoon a protest >> protesting against a royal rtin reportedly giving a zimbabwe a move for democratic
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change calls for change. after the party won almost 2/3 of the seats in parliament. final results aren't in yet but m.d.c. and another dismissed the elections as a farce and the former finance minister stays election was fligged fare of mugabe. >> i don't know. that's a given that mugabe will be president. there may be many issues surrounding this and near mind the results aren't being complete so, so i'm not engineering the process to make mugabe our president whether he is there for five years or two days it really doesn't make a dimples. zim bob wians nust break
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themselves of more suffering. >> who wants to wane baby? a death threat for raising pakistani teachering individuals. plus -- >> an ancient piece of parchment on public display. where it all began and this is the magna carta. the beginning really of democracy and the rule of law. >> welcome back. top stories here on al jazeera. hassan to set take over as president of iran. he will be endorsed by the sfreem leader in a ceremony in the next couple of hours. the united states issued a worldwide travel alert to its citizens saying the al qaeda group, because i haven't been able to get her to talk.
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on sunday. >> the u.s. deputy secretary of state in egypt for a second time in less than a month tying to tend crisis there. they called on the protesters . go alone but in quyeeth >> the defense medical charity doctors without borders says at least 100,000 people have been forceed from their gnomes south dan because of violent our east african correspondent petered that from the state. >> out there, hiding in the remote bush, are tens of thousands of people. they are survivors of violence. the ports from survivors who made it out say they you are intelligently need help we hope to find.
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>> it's only accessible by air and foot. many did what they could to help but they are soldiers not medical workers and apart from the few discretionings and drugs, there's little i can off the found i believe. she's sheltering with a friend all everyone is of her children were killed when the attackers raided her village when she was searching for fire wod. >> most of the children weren't found which probably means they were on deducted. children with 1 members of her tended >> i haven't seen any of the relatives who survivored the attack. i'm waiting to see if any of
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it's too trouse for me to go back. >> it's the rainy season even helicopters often struggle to fly. t also means food is scarce. >> this weather goes a long way to describe why we know so little. we know the account of survivors that the situation out there is very serious indeed but almost impossible to move across the countryside. this crisis is taking place in the dark. >> it's the heartland and now under control of the south sudanese army. they are not the only victims. they have killed their grown . ay >> i believe the youth have a perception that if they go to the government to the
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government-controlled areas that they might be targeted. and i think that's the only issue that is suspended those who want backin. >> they hope to attacks can be discouraged but seem almost pourls. -- almost power less. in south sudan. >> demonstrators have thrown rocks at u.n. peacekeepers. the police responded with tear gas. the protesters say they are confused over a disarmament item made from things. >> these people have been trying to block a main road in the democratic congo. they are angry at the u.n. they say peace keepers should fight rebels who are just outside the city.
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>> the u.n. came theory defend the congolese but they need to say if they are with us or the rebts. >> the u.n. convoy has reached a roadblock. it's tense. there was confusion this week when the u.n. issued a some meant the peace keepers would be addressing others but it's tom kom and gone. some people throw rofpblgts the peacekeeper fires in the air to disperse the crowd. and the police fire tear goose clear the road and the convoy passes. >> >> a lot of people here feel like they have been constantly exploited by foreigners. are of congo's minerals
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being mind and now the u.n. with its foreign staff threw it in action. that's actually exploiting them too. > but the u.n. says lit secure areas one area at a time. >> we would like population to tunse that this work is gradual. we know the problems the people are serious and the situation difficult. but if the u.n. is given the time to carry out its plan, it will be satisfactory for everyone. >> meanwhile, the police tried keep order. delen traiters have written their demands on this shouk board. atience is running then. doma in the democratic republic of congo. >> at least 24 people have been
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killed in frash floods in northern pakistan. hundreds of thousands of people are now cut off from a town and local media reporting bridges have been destroyed. they say people have moved to higher ground to try to escape the flooding. a pakistani talk show has given away a baby live on air in what's been criticized as a ruthless quest for ratings. >> who wants to win a baby? >> a man hussein one of the country's most popular t hosts gave away a baby boy to a family and stays child had been tpwhaund a rubbish dump and now they are appealing for the family to come forward with the aby if they some people didn't like this program. we don't give away babies as
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prizes but rather a service to humanity. month stive time for the ramadan but when people eat contained dangerous chemicals. >> festive foods for a festive moment. after a day of fasting, the first meal people like eat is often sweet and colorful. while venders try to make their food look attractive. inspectors found many are tainted with chemicals and bacteria. some even put paint in the food to give it a bright color and last longer. >> people are of course very afraid of these chemicals but the hygiene of the food needs a lot of attention, too. it's something that worries us a lot.
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a consumer should only buy food that is freshly cooked. >> more often than not the food is pretty good. but how can you figure out where to eat so you don't end up sick. find place where the vender ashes his dishes wrand there's a lot of people eating. >> typhoid caused by food bacteria were report in 2010. just recovering from food poison after eating. the first time this woman ended up in hospital. >> on the street it's become popular in our culture. we like to buy food on the streets but the problem is hygiene. will be more careful
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>> many of the venders who are house wives will only sell foods during the fasting months. >> what i'm hearing is that a lot of vendors use preservetives but the food i'm cooking is only fresh and must be consumed today >> they educate consumers and family and friends from the two titles. it's hard to regulate this zpwirl, too, so official she maybe this or next. al jazeera, thank you. >> cambodia's opposition party has agreed to work to investigate election fraufment sunday the ruling party said it had secured 168
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of the 123 lower house seats. cnrp won a new channel. refugees arriving in australian waters will continue to be sent to the island of naru as well as papa new guinea. confirming the agreement at the news conference held. a recent riot, his main detention center almost destroyed the facility. >> the walls fourth largest dairy company has recalled up to 1,000 tons of daughtery products. they made the announcement after a presence of back tier ve that can cause botch lism thailand, malaysia, and saudi
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arabia. well, south korea has the most road deaths in the developed world. more than 5,500 a year. police launched what they say is a world's first. >> south korea's roads have an unenviable reputation. this type of accident where vehicles dart in and out of bus lanes is all too common. the police are battling to change that kind of behavior and they say a world first is their weapon. this holiday season one to have freeways is being droned by traffic. it's equipt with a 36 -- and the drone is designed to act as a deterrent and enforcer. >> using especially during the summer holiday season. we expect to sport vehicles
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using bus-onlylines and the hard shoulder. >> there's already 2240urks security cameras. but still bus lanes are often used as overtaking lanes and almost every driver has a navigation system that sounds an alert that means the camera is coming up. >> so this mobile eye in the sky is going to be more judgen for you. >> it's considered one of the founding documents of western constitutional law and now 800 years after the magna carta was written one of the four surviving versions has gone on display just north of london. joan ahall went to take a look. > it was in this building, the cathedral that mobileman taught to riment limit the power of
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the king by recognizing if you could mental rights. it was a leading that would lead to the magna cart err one of four remaining copies of the famous, great shopa. >> no full man should be seized or imprisoned or -- >> i think it just takes us back to the importance of this place when the magna carta just started. it has a great significance for our nation and internationally in the sense that you have got a protest that would >> it's an extraordinary thing this ancient piece of paper oar parchment that is tpwhrin tiny lieutenant scritcht and sprembed ethat's how i remember . >> of democracy and the rule of law.
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>> but modern democracy and equality would be some time coming. the noblemen acted not for the common citizen but to preserve their own addresses, they went on the produce the bill of rights and provides the base of laws most of us take an event. >> i thought it was for jay-z's new album. >> ewhere. and sit a raise? i don't know. >> the magna carta, 2:50. it's the basis of our freedom. >> nor will we proceed with force against him, except by the lawful judgment of the equals or by the law of the land. >> jonah, al jazeera. at the cathedral.
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